Online Salesforce Admin and Power User Training Courses

Online courses can be tough to chew through. At the same time, you can’t always afford the time and money for a live course.

In steps Udacity…

I am incredibly impressed by Udacity’s “Intro to Point & Click App Development”. Even though Salesforce is not in the title, don’t be fooled. It’s all about Salesforce.  You work on a real project while the knowledge is delivered by 3 presenters: a student, an expert, and another expert who steps in from time-to-time to summarize what you’ve learned.

You actually look forward to firing up the video training. This course is perfect for people studying for their Salesforce Admin 201 certification, beginning developer, or if you want to be a Salesforce power user. You can take the course for free, or you can receive additional perks for a $150 / monthly fee (see below).

Udacity course options