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Introducing Trailhead for Students: Empowering the Next Generation of Trailblazers for a Top Career In Tech

From the Salesforce Blog:

New technologies are creating new jobs globally. The Salesforce ecosystem alone will create 2 million jobs by 2020—covering a broad spectrum of business and technical career paths. Unfortunately 80% of companies struggle to find skilled talent to fill these jobs. The loss in productivity caused by this skills gap costs companies a staggering $1.3 trillion dollars per year. While students should be a great source of new talent, employers say recent grads don’t have the skills they need.

Source: Introducing Trailhead for Students: Empowering the Next Generation of Trailblazers for a Top Career In Tech – Salesforce Blog


Full-time Salesforce Administrator Position with Emergo Begins Today

It is with great pleasure I share news of my new position as Associate Salesforce Administrator at Emergo, a global medical device regulatory consultancy.


Emergo Logo

Established in 1997 to help US medical device companies export to Europe, Emergo has grown to become a leading consultancy with more than 2,700 medical device and IVD clients worldwide. Today, Emergo maintains offices in 25 countries, offering a wide range of compliance and market access services. Among other things, Emergo assists companies with global regulatory strategy, device registration, quality management system compliance, clinical trial consulting, in-country regulatory representation and distributor qualification.

I will have the opportunity to work closely with John Brundage who currently holds four Salesforce certifications, and am looking forward to many new challenges.


Customizing Salesforce for the Alagille Syndrome Alliance

After interviewing a number of applicants, the Alagille Syndrome Alliance chose me to lead their Salesforce expansion efforts. Alagille syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the liver, heart, kidney, and other systems of the body. Problems associated with the disorder generally become evident in infancy or early childhood.

bloglogocatchafire Thanks go to for bringing us together. Catchafire matches professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, cause interest and time availability.  It’s been a great couple of weeks. Custom objects, reports, and even training are on the list.


 For this project I’ll be using the Agile Accelerator app (free) released by Salesforce labs

aa why salesforce Now I will be leveraging the same app used in-house by Salesforce developers


Sharing My Salesforce Certification Tips

Sharing My Salesforce Certification Tips

Part of the study process involves research, and Evernote is one of the best tools you can use to organize your research. I put together an Evernote notebook of the best resources I’ve found for anyone studying for the Certified Salesforce Administrator certification.

You are not required to have an Evernote account to access this notebook.

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